"Why Should I Do Business With You?"

Business, 2016

"Why Should I Do Business With You?" is about your message, your sales pitch, and crafting a plan to present yourself. It’s about the fundamentals of marketing and understanding how to respond when you’re face to face with a prospect. The question,“Why Should I Do Business With You?", can be a very daunting question if you are unprepared. This book prepares you to respond in an effective manner by walking you through fundamental marketing principles that are showcased through examples and real life stories. It’s a question like this that gives you the opportunity to respond and sell yourself, your idea and increase your potential customer’s interest. The book unveils the 19Blocks Visual Marketing System as the foundation in building your presentation strategy. Responding effectively to this question will give you a golden opportunity to capture new clients and expand your customer base.

You need a beneficial and advantageous reason for prospects to do business with you instead of someone else. The book prepares business owners and entrepreneurs how to effectively pitch their products and services.

19Blocks ...your visual marketing planner

A visual guide for developing an effective marketing plan and sales presentation.

19Blocks presents you with questions and statements in the form of a flowchart. The flowchart gives you a visual step by step guide to strategic questions and critical statements to build an effective marketing plan and sales presentation.

The planner challenges you to respond to the questions and statements that matter most in achieving success with your idea. Using the “focused thinking/thought time” technique allows a user to perfect their answers for a more creative and effective response. The mobile app showcases the flowchart and allows you to jot down your creative responses inside the chart as ideas come to you on the go. The app gives you the ability to create a one page strategic marketing plan that can be printed.

Attract, Persuade & Retain

"The flowchart style layout allows you to quickly see a complete picture of your challenges, that when corrected should make your services and/or products more attractive. It allows you to target and stress the benefits you offer."

"Through a series of questions and statements, 19Blocks helps you identify your marketing strengths and weaknesses in your ability to close new business. It keeps you focused. It targets critical marketing issues. It’s your reminder of what matters most during your planning process."

‘This book is great for business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs in finding their strengths, weaknesses, and creating new ideas!’