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I’ve never written a book review before but after reading “Why Should I Do Business With You?”, I felt the need to tell my friends and those thinking about going into business about this book. It really helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, not just in business, but also in managing your life affairs.

K. Adams - Corp. Manager

This book made me realize how important marketing is and the power of the presentation. "Why Should I Do Business With You?" is an easy read, and for me, that is a bonus because I don’t like reading. I enjoyed the real life stories. They gave real meaning and application to the everyday marketing principles. I’m buying more copies for my friends as gifts!

R. Dirl

The book is a perfect starting point for new business owners who are trying to understand the importance of marketing and how to create an effective presentation. After going through a few chapters, I found that there are many life lessons to be learned within the book as well. "Why Should I Do Business with You?" touches on many different principles everyone needs in just having a productive life. Excellent book!

P. Easley - Minister

"Why should I do Business With You?” did a fantastic job laying out simple thought provoking questions and ideas that many times one tends to sidestep or dismiss. What I like most about this book is the ability to experience the results of using the techniques right away. I’ll use the book as my own personal reference guide.

M. Redus, OD - Optometrist

Very good book! I’m reading the book for the third time and I’m still finding more fascinating, but yet simple, ways Mr. Webb presents the information and supports it with his own real life stories. He makes a good case that being mentally focused and committed is where everything really begins and using what’s in the book will help you build a solid plan to follow and be successful.

T. Johnson - Retired Mechanical Engineer

If you are just starting out in business or you've been in it for 20 years, this book does a good job of laying out the fundamentals of marketing and the thought process behind presenting what matters most in your business!

Dr. J. Campbell

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